Sotto Sotto Restaurant




313 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

Phone Number

(404) 523-6678

International Phone Number

+1 404-523-6678


Opened Hours:

  • Monday: 5:30 – 11:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:30 – 11:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30 – 11:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:30 – 11:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Saturday: 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Sunday: 5:30 – 10:00 PM
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Our server was a ton of fun and the back patio was quite the romantic backdrop for my first visit to Sotto Sotto. I had two delicious cocktails and the salmon entree. While overcooked the salmon was fresh and good. Great place for a date.Extensive wine selection.Great service from everyone that worked in the restaurant. Bravo!


The scallops were fresh and seared with perfect seasoning. But I was more blown away by the pasta dishes. I never realized pasta could be this great. I shall come back.


I simply found this place because I had a craving for Italian and I must say Sotto hit the spot! The food selection and 🍷 was simply fantastic. I chose to go to the bar and bartender was very nice and professional with selection of choices on the menu. We had conversation across the bar since it seemed everyone at the bar were by themselves. I look forward to bringing my Lady-friend next time.... Again bravo to good romantic service.


Still one of Atlanta's best restaurants. Food, wine, atmosphere. An oasis in a desert of trying too hard.

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Balsamic risotto with carmelized onions is to die for. Ribeye steak was incredibly tender and wonderfully tasty. That being said, while we didn't have reservations, admittedly, the estimate of a 45 minute wait was not close. Took more like an hour and a half. I know it's hard to estimate these things, but would be nice to get some reassurance and apologies when they are off by that much. Other than that, great food, great bartender, wonderful ambience.